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The Forest Treasures

A company „P.H.Z Kasol – J.A. Kazberuk” is a market leader in purchase, manufacture and trade of undergrowth like mushrooms, blueberries and farming mushrooms. Our brand „Forest Treasures” is the most valued and available in Poland. You can find the „Forest Treasuers” in most of shop centers and wholesaler’s. Our brand is available for 25 years! We are togheter since 1989.


Food Service

We are inviting you to try our Food Service. Our meals taste delicious and surely will impress your guests. Dishes based on:

mushrooms, game, fruits, vegetables, fishes, sea fruits, spices, italian products.




Villa Pastel

Hotel Białystok – it is a very special place with varied standars of rooms, intimate atmosphere, luxury apartments, placed in the center of city.  The Villa Pastel offers a comfort you cannot find on other hotels in Białystok. It is not only a hotel! On the territory of Willa Pastel there is a modern and stylish restaurant The Palette of Flavors (Paleta Smaków) where we serve an excellent dishes. The Hotel Villa Pastel is a night in Białystok with a nice and professional staff.


Palette of Flavors Restaurant

“Palette of Flavors” restaurant (Paleta Smaków) offers its guests cozy atmosphere and exquisite cuisine.
Both the interior and the atmosphere created by us help you to relax after a long day of work and the opportunity to meet world famous classical music artists adds attractiveness to this place.
Representatives of business or culture world, couples in love, those wishing to organize special events, namely everybody is going to find something for themselves here.



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