Forest Buying Stations

Our buying stations are scattered on the outskirts of the forests, e.g. the Knyszyn, Białowieża and Augustów Primeval Forests, which are visited daily by mushroom pickers and our drivers.

In our region, the majority of edible mushroom species ripen between late summer and late autumn, which is why mushroom picking also takes place at this time Mushroom picking is not only a leisure activity, but also a noble custom that has been cultivated for years, a ritual that gives rhythm to autumn mornings.


Specialist mushroom pickers certified as mushroom classifiers classify and select mushrooms.


Mushrooms have been on Polish tables for years Gathered in the early morning hours, they are used for preserves and a variety of dishes, while those that do not find their way into our homes go to mushroom buying stations.

Mushrooms from the buying stations are picked up by our drivers, who cover an average distance of 500 km to deliver the valuable forest groundcover products to our company’s premises.

Our company cherishes tradition. Mushroom preserves are made with passion and the forest groundcover products that go to our unique jars are of top quality. e are sure of this because they were collected by committed mushroom pickers.


Forest groundcover products are supplied to our company, where they are subject to a detailed raw material inspection by our qualified quality technologists. The raw material then goes into our modern machinery park, where it is precessed into a finished product.