Our brand has been available for over 30 years now! We have been with you since 1984.


Tradition, experience, state-of-the-art technology

“P.H.Z Kasol – J.A. Kazberuk” is the leader on the Polish market in the processing of forest groundcover products, and our brand “Forest Treasures” is the most valued and best available among all brands on our market.

“Forest Treasures” are sold in most retail and wholesale chains. Since we supply products to numerous wholesalers and distributors across the country, you will also find us in a number of smaller neighbourhood grocery shops.

Our products are also widely available in many countries of Western Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France), Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal), Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway) and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia). We are also present in the British Isles, the Benelux countries, the USA and Canada. The most distant places where “Forest Treasures” can be found include Japan, Australia and South American countries. Thanks to our company, many customer around the world have got to know the taste of traditional Polish products.

Our history

Check a history of growing “Kasol J.A. Kazberuk”company and “Forest Treasures” brand.


The start of Janusz Antoni Kazberuk’s business – the opening of the first Pizzeria in Bialystok” “Paradiso”. Queues lined up from the front door, and the most popular pizza was pizza with mushrooms….. This certainly bode well for the company’s future.


The founding of “Kasol Sp. z o.o.”, composed of the state enterprise “Solniczki” as the majority shareholder and Janusz Antoni Kazberuk with a 49 % share package, as a private entrepreneur could not own more at the time. The company exported Polish forest groundcover products in every form – in brine, dried, fresh and frozen – to Western Europe, mainly to Germany and France.


The first marinated mushrooms from Bialystok, still under the brand name “KASOL”, were supplied to PSS SPOŁEM in Bialystok and to SUPERMARKET ABC at Legionowa Street.


Then “Kasol” experienced a very dynamic development, especially after Janusz Antoni Kazberuk’s purchase of the state shares in 1991.

At that point, the company changed its name to “Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu Zagranicznego – Kasol – Janusz Antoni Kazberuk”, or “P.H.Z. Kasol – J.A.Kazberuk” for short. The company has been operating in this form and under this name up to date.


Year after year, our marinated mushrooms were attracting more and more customers in various parts of Poland. It was then that the name “Leśne Skarby”/”Forest Treasures” was coined.
At that time, the company exported thousands of tonnes of mushrooms per year from Poland and the former Eastern Bloc countries, including Belarus, the Baltic States, Russia and Ukraine, to Western European countries.
The head office of the company was moved from Tigry Street to Baranowicka Street, and the main plant from Solniczki to Bialystok, also at Baranowicka Street.
This is where the head office and main plant are located up to date.


Expanding the range of “Forest Treasures” products to include dried mushrooms.

Due to the remarkably high volume of mushroom exports at that time, the company also had two plants in Belarus. Additional investments in Belarus included a hotel “Zaslawni” on a lagoon in Minsk, and a restaurant “Siem Piatnic” in the main avenue in Minsk.


With the change in the situation in Belarus, Janusz Antoni Kazberuk focused his business activity on Bialystok, prioritising the development of the “Forest Treasures” brand on the Polish market.

This period saw the expansion and modernisation of the main plant at Baranowicka Street, the purchase of new equipment, as well as the renovation of production halls and the office.

Also at that time, the owner of “Kasol” opened the first genuine Chinese restaurant in Bialystok and one of the first in Poland: “China Garden”.


The former Pizzeria “Paradiso” in Bialystok was replaced by a newly built “Willa Pastel” Hotel and a “Paleta Smaków” restaurant. The atmosphere in the hotel is warm and homely and the restaurant is full of “Forest Treasures”.


With the development of nationwide retail chains, supermarkets and hypermarkets, the “Forest Treasures” brand reached every corner of Poland. From now on, in addition to the label, our logo has been placed also on a specially designed lid.


Expanding the range of “Forest Treasures” products to include frozen mushrooms and fruits


Expanding the range of “Forest Treasures” products to include forest fruit preserves.


The beginning of the “Forest Treasures” jar as a proprietary design produced exclusively for our mushrooms and forest fruits. The distinctive design – slim in the middle and wider at the base and at the lid – made its way onto shop shelves in most retail chains in Poland for good. n several places on its outer surface, characteristic convex porcini have been engraved, visible from the outside and perceptible when touched.


Installation of new blanching and freezing lines for mushrooms in Bialystok, another modernisation and renovation of the main plant at Baranowicka Street.


With the dynamic growth of sales of our “Forest Treasures” in Poland, Janusz Antoni Kazberuk decided to focus on the development of the “Leśne Smaki” brand in Poland and “Waldschatz” and “Forest Treasures” on European markets. Thanks to this decision, the company established lasting relationships with retail customers, creating the most recognisable and probably the tastiest mushroom and forest fruit brand in Poland. During this period, we participated a number of times in the Pol-Agra Poznań Food Fair and our products and beautiful stand were awarded the most valuable prize: “Hit of the Audience 1998′′.


Further very intensive development of sales of our “Forest Treasures” brand, expansion of our production halls. Introduction into retail chains of new products under our brand name based on mushrooms and forest fruits. Actions to consolidate and bring together Polish companies involved in the purchase and supply of forest groundcover products to “P.H.Z. Kasol J.A. Kazberuk”. Since then, we have been organising cyclical events for suppliers, employees and the entire “Forest Treasures” family.


Expansion of the “Willa Pastel” Hotel in Bialystok by opening a new part with a dozen rooms, saunas, and a gym.


The beginning of direct sales of our products on the German market under the “WaldSchatz” brand.


Due to the growth in sales of forest fruit jams, mainly cranberry and lingoberry, we decided to differentiate the colours of the lids for marinated mushrooms and forest fruit jams. In addition, we have slightly refreshed the look of the label and the lid itself. In this form, “Forest Treasures” were distributed in our markets until mid-2014.


Further development of the company by expanding the direct distribution channel to hotels and restaurants across the country, launching our own network of sales representatives. Organising the “Podlasie Porcini Festival” on the market square in Bialystok every year with the Bialystok city authorities and the Association of Chefs. Breaking Guinness records in the largest dishes made of porcini, such as mushroom soup or risotto. he events were immensely popular among Białystok residents; the attractions and a concert of stars each time attracted crowds of residents


Together with the Białystok authorities and the Family Support Association – Droga, we co-organise the Białystok City Christmas Eve, during which dishes based on “Forest Treasures” are provided to the poorest residents of Białystok.


Construction of a second plant at Baranowicka Street in Białystok, specifically for the freezing, preparation, sorting and cleaning of frozen mushrooms. The new warehouses can simultaneously hold up to 3,000,000 kg of mushrooms and forest fruits. Since then, the company has significantly expanded its range of forest groundcover products, exporting several hundred tonnes of mushrooms and forest fruits each year.


The renovation of the main plant, purchase of new machinery, renovation of production halls, expansion of storage space for both frozen and dry products.


A period of development and promotion on foreign markets, participation in a number of the world’s most important food fairs. “Forest Treasures” from Bialystok are now available not only in all the countries of the European Union, but also in both Americas, the former Soviet Union countries, Asia or Australia.


Autumn – the same “Forest Treasures” in a new version To celebrate 25 years of our products on your tables, we have decided to announce a competition for a new design of the best-known jar of our marinated mushrooms and forest fruits in Poland. The shape of the new jar is a nod to its predecessor, its refined design being characterised by elegance, solidity and simplicity. The convex mushrooms have been replaced by the characteristic crown visible also in the inscription “Forest Treasures”. Along with the new jar, we are also launching new packaging for dried mushrooms and frozen fruit and mushrooms.


For several years now, Janusz Antoni Kazberuk, the owner, has been accompanied in his work for the company by his sons Bartosz and Łukasz, who are responsible for quality and production as well as development and sales, respectively.

n addition, the staff working at “P.H.Z. Kasol – J.A. Kazberuk”, both in the office and in production, includes a number of people who have been with the company for many years. It is thanks to them that your favourite “Forest Treasures”. are even nicer and just as tasty as they were 25 years ago.


The introduction to the domestic market of forest fruits in light syrup, a product which has become popular among Polish consumers and is currently supplied to most retail chains at home and exported to foreign markets.


The appointment of Łukasz Kazberuk to the position of President of the Polish Chamber of Processors and Exporters of Forest Groundcover Products, the largest industry organisation bringing together companies involved in the processing of mushrooms and forest fruits.


The modernisation of both of the company’s plants, a project that has made it possible to increase supervision over product quality and to double the processing capacities of the line for frozen mushrooms and forest fruits, dried mushrooms and canned and jarred products.


The celebration of the 35th anniversary of “P.H.Z. Kasol J.A.Kazberuk” combined with the 3rd Polish Porcini Festival on the square in front of the Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theatre in Białystok.


Our dried mushrooms are popular among customers This is confirmed by the awarding of the Consumer Quality Leader 2020 golden emblem in the “Dried Mushrooms” category. e have been recognised for the taste and quality of our products.



Also this year, the Forest Treasures was selected the best brand in Poland in the Consumer Quality Leader 2021 competition in the “Forest Mushrooms” category. Our products are widely recognised by customers.


Mr Lukasz Kazberuk, Sales Director, represented “Forest Treasures” at a business seminar in London and Brussels, where important topics concerning economic cooperation were discussed and the economic potential of the Podlasie region was presented.