HoReCa - "Forest Treasures" - Your Partner in Catering

Comprehensive supplies to catering wholesalers and restaurants of mushrooms and forest fruits in packaging dedicated to the HoReCa market.

Ever since the “Forest Treasures” brand was created, we have payed utmost attention to services provided to catering customers. It is thanks to the suggestions of Chefs and Restaurateurs that we adapt our offer to the current needs of the HoReCa market, creating new products together so that their quality and specificity fully meet the needs of the market.

Organised by us several times since 2005 together with the Chefs’ Club and the Polish Association of Chefs and Confectioners, the Polish Porcini Festival has always been a meeting place for the entire catering industry and an opportunity to exchange views on the culinary use of mushrooms and forest fruits.


The “Forest Treasures” Flavours Studio, which we have created, is a place where we meet with renowned and respected chefs to work together on the recipes of our products and where we organise Culinary Workshops and presentations of “Forest Treasures” products for our customers.

Our “Forest Treasures” are also offered by leading catering distributors in the country.


“Forest Treasures” – Your Partner in Catering


Frozen mushrooms – catering pack 2 and 2.5 kg

Frozen fruits- catering pack 2 and 2.5 kg

Dried mushrooms- catering pack 300 and 500g

Dried mushrooms crumble and flour- B2B packs- 300 and 500g

Marinated mushrooms- catering packs 900 ml

Cranberry and lingoberry to serve with meat and cheeses- catering pack 1 and 3 kg

Sterilised mushrooms- catering pack 850 ml